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General Announcements / Re: Introducing new category "Linux Jobs"
« Last post by ashwinmuni on May 24, 2015, 12:49:53 AM »
Thanks Good to see linux job forum
General Announcements / If any issues
« Last post by gouravjoshi on May 10, 2015, 03:21:45 AM »
Hi All,

Please do not hesitate to inform us if you found any issues on site or have any suggestions to make it better.

Thanks & Regards,
Linux Questions Team
FAQs / difference between ext2 and ext3
« Last post by gouravjoshi on May 10, 2015, 02:56:49 AM »
Hi All,

After facing an embracing situation on Linux Basics, I though I should start reading more. I just started googling some topics, which I read when I was doing certification. Below is the difference between ext2 and ext3 file system that we use regularly and sometimes we do not recall features of them.


                  Feature                                     EXT2                                                                                                     EXT3
                 Journling                        There is no journling                                                                                It Has journling
Speed of file system(read-write)          It is bit fast                                                                                        It is bit slower then ext2 file-system
           Data corruption                   File system may be corrupted due to unplanned reboots                        Prevents file-system corruption
       Way to recover data               Require fsck to recover data after unplanned reboot                               Does not require(automatic file recovery is
                                                                                                                                                                       done at booting time)
     Online file system growth.        By default there is no Online file system growth.                                     Online file system growth
        Commands to format             mkfs.ext2 or mke2fs                                                                                 mkfs.ext3 or mke2fs -j
Max file size(if block size is 1kB)    2GB                                                                                                           16GB
          De-fragmentation                Easy and done with e2defrag                                                                   There is no data security when doing
        Data accommodation             More data can be accommodated in a give space                                     Less data is written when compare to ext2
                                                                                                                                                                        in a give space due to journling.

General Announcements / Website Revamped
« Last post by gouravjoshi on May 01, 2015, 02:59:33 AM »
Hi Guys

Apologies for not being in contact with you all. I could not even look after the website for a long time in recent past. Now, I have revamp the site and upgraded the base application in it. There should not be any issue now, but in case if you find any please help me with informing that to me. I will try to rectify that as soon as possible.

I hope I will get my all friends back here. I will be waiting for the posts from you all.

Thanks & Regards,
Linux Questions Administrator

While working on script I found a good way to get a whole line from a file as set of variables. Many time we have a line and we need to get its contents as variables. For example -

We have a line "This is my file"

Now I can have it as
LINE="This is my file"

 set - ${LINE// / }

$1 = This
$2 = is
$3 = my
$4 = file

or say I have an IP Address


set - ${IP//./ }

$1 = 192
$2 = 168
$3 = 0
$4 = 1

Hope this will be helpful for many of us.
Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Website of
« Last post by gouravjoshi on August 28, 2012, 08:51:04 AM »

The issue has been sorted out now. Please let me know if any thing making you worried.

Feedback & Suggestions / Re: Website of
« Last post by gouravjoshi on August 16, 2012, 11:28:22 AM »

Thanks for being member and having concern about the website. We have noted down the issue and working on it. Right now we are into shifting of website to other host and not able to handle the same, but I would like to assure you that we will sort this out ASAP.

Thanks again.

Feedback & Suggestions / Website of
« Last post by testingnewskills on July 21, 2012, 05:24:06 AM »
       Hello friends!!My name is Saurabh and this is my first post in
      Whenever i click on a link or a tab a see a blank page with "ro" between the pages.This must have happened because of some "unattended"   or left out words out of the tags.I think the admin should check this problem.Again,when i clicked on 'preview post' it was still fetching preview.i checked my internet speed and it was normal.i am not able to view my post so i am posting it as it is.
      thank you guys feels great to be a part of!!!
General Announcements / Congratulations Guys !! We have completed 2 Years.
« Last post by gouravjoshi on June 26, 2012, 02:18:23 AM »
Congrats Guys!!

            With the GREAT support of all of you, we have completed 2 years of During this journey we have found many friends who joined us and continuing along with us.
            In these 2 years we have made our appearance on social media like facebook ( and twitter (!/LxQs) too.
            I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, suggestions, contributions and questions. I hope your support will be always there with us and cherish our relationship further.

All your suggestions for site are most welcome.

Once again congratulations to all member family for completing 2 successful years of Linux Questions.

I have got an perl script from one of my friend for the same. Please rename the file as

How to check.

#  perl

Then you will get answer,

Open-realy or Not-Open-realy

Hope this will help you.
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